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If all we have is this one precious life, how should we live it every single day? I want you to live your most intentional life. Whether you practice medicine or want to learn what it means to focus on what matters in life, let me help guide you to get there. 

Write Your Last Chapter is truly about writing your best chapter. Let that start today. 

"Tomorrow is no place to put your better days."

Write Your Last Chapter

Aug 13, 2021

Have you heard of a Birth Doula? Doulas have been around for thousands of years. They were essentially female companion for supportive purposes. It seems to me, there is no better time to take advantage of this support than when faced with end of life. Join me as I interview Janie Rakow who tells me about this amazing profession. You will find her at for any question or interest you may have. I hope you enjoy this episode.