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If all we have is this one precious life, how should we live it every single day? I want you to live your most intentional life. Whether you practice medicine or want to learn what it means to focus on what matters in life, let me help guide you to get there. 

Write Your Last Chapter is truly about writing your best chapter. Let that start today. 

"Tomorrow is no place to put your better days."

Write Your Last Chapter

Jun 11, 2022

I remember when I first heard about hospice, I thought it was only for patients dying of cancer. But then, what about millions of others who are dying a very slow and unseen death of brain failure? What do we do with and for dementia patients? So much of the actual care is carried and delivered by the unsung heros of...

Jun 3, 2022

We were all getting excited for the summer. That's when my daughter came down with COVID. I remember in residency my chief used to say: If it's not one thing it's another. And sometimes it's one another after another. We are confused about our plans when the unexpected happens. What if we used all those bumps and...

May 27, 2022

In light of this week's tragedy of the mass shooting that took place in Texas, I wanted to offer you peaceful advice you can use. 

A starbucks Barista in Uvalde, the city the shooting took place, asked the customer if they were caring for themselves in this time of unimaginable loss. The customer asked the same...

May 20, 2022

How do you manage grief?

Does your pain go away if you avoid it? Should you try to 'have a different way of looking at your life'? Does being in denial of the loss that has happened to your life help you move forward? How can you be sad and be grateful at the same time? In this episode, we will talk about all type of...

May 13, 2022

My dad had a saying that I have been telling my kids for years. "It's raining: it's not raining on YOU". This week's podcast I want to teach you about a mindset shift that will change your entire weather, without the help of anyone. There are things we have no control over in life: Like how the weather in Hawaii will be...