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As Eckhart Tolle often says, you have a life. Everything else, your worries, all your experienced sufferings are simply your life's situation. 

How we see our life and our situation can color how we live and experience life. It is sometimes hard to imagine that no matter what, we are the author of our own stories: As a palliative care physician and certified life coach, let me help remind you that if things can go wrong, they can also go right. 

Join me in my podcast as we visit people's lives and stories of how we can make our own life a great one, one chapter at a time. 

Write Your Best Chapter is a podcast about life, death and everything in between

Aug 9, 2021

In financial world, we talk about "Cost of Living" quite a bit. When deciding to move somewhere, we often mention how it's not a good idea to go somewhere because the cost of living is higher. How about life? When deciding to go one way or another at a crossroad, try thinking of "Cost of NOT Living". On this anniversary episode, I will share how we decided to adopt a dog even though everyone was trying to talk us out of it. Attending to the need of our new family member took priority over timeliness of this podcast release. When you decide what matters to you, your decisions are always aligned with your values. Be intentional and be mindful in what brings you true meaning and joy. You will never be wrong.